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Danielle Stollak


Ecosystem Programs

Danielle strengthens the Cesium community through the Cesium Certified Developer program and Cesium Ecosystem Grants. These initiatives drive innovation and collaboration that bolster the community. The Cesium Certified Developer Program, open to anyone, recognizes developers' excellency in the Cesium platform, facilitating 3D geospatial application development and enhancements to the vitality of the ecosystem. At the same time, Cesium Ecosystem Grants provide support to early-stage startups, educators, and innovators who are contributing impactful contributions to 3D geospatial through projects that are open source, are interoperable, and lower barrier to entry. Together, these programs reflect our commitment to nurturing a thriving 3D geospatial community.

Danielle Stollak has a distinctive multidisciplinary background in leading programs, partnerships, and research supported by graduate education in Marine and Coastal Resource Management from University Centre of the West Fjords. Her experience includes work with nonprofit organizations, scientific research hubs, public utilities, and once, a sailboat. Her programmatic work with the University City Science Center in Philadelphia was recognized 2015-17 by the White House for excellence as an innovative model for STEM mentoring. She recently received a graduate certificate in Geodesign from Thomas Jefferson University, reigniting her enthusiasm for the power of spatial visualization that she first explored at Haverford College as an undergraduate in archaeology. 

When not illegibly scribbling whiteboard manifestos, you probably won’t be able to find her anywhere because she’ll be holed up with a book.

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Danielle Stollak, Ecosystem Grants Manager, CesiumDanielle Stollak, Ecosystem Grants Manager, Cesium