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An Interactive City Model Visualizing Energy Performance Data for Houses in Nottingham, UK

The Map of Nottingham Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) uses 3D Tiles and Cesium to visualize the energy efficiency of buildings in Nottingham.

EPCs are a rating scheme used across the European Union for describing the energy efficiency of buildings. EPCs describe current and potential energy use, and they list recommendations that can be made to a property to improve the building’s efficiency. In the UK, residential properties are commonly assessed following their construction, during a sale or when renting them out, leading to a substantial and useful dataset of general and localized building energy use statistics. The register of EPC records and recommendations for England and Wales has been recently released as an open dataset.

To map this data, Julian Rosser of the University of Nottingham matched EPC addresses to Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRN) by GeoPlace, which provides a link to the national identifier used for properties in the UK. This UPRN was then linked to the topographic identifier (TOID) of the Ordnance Survey building footprint and height. In cases where multiple EPC records were found for one property, the most recent survey result is taken.

Users can explore the city by address and filter buildings by current and potential EPC ratings.