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HTML Telemetry Overlay Offers Widgets that Visualize Telemetry Data in Videos

For paragliding training, it is useful and fun to review the telemetry data during flights, which help answering the following questions:

  • How fast was I descending?
  • How much G-force did I feel?
  • Did I pull the break too early or too late?
  • Did I make a perfect circle or an 8 figure?
  • Why did I land too short?

It is usually very difficult for beginners to answer these questions while in the air because the pilot is too busy following instructions, or possibly dealing with emergencies.

HTML Telemetry Overlay is a personal project by Lu Wang designed to visualize the telemetry data from GoPro video logs. It features both 2D and 3D maps, as well as gauges for various data.

All the widgets are written in HTML and JavaScript, and therefore fully customizable. Telemetry data is extracted from GoPro videos with gpmf-parser, and the whole overlay is rendered with WebVfx.

The match between the geometry and models in the Cesium maps and the video footage is so precise that the shadow of the wing in the video matches the shadow of the wing in the 3D map.