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Showcase Your Work on the Cesium Demos Page

We are amazed by the incredible apps the Cesium community builds. Developers have brought Cesium to applications we never could have imagined. Their success is our success, and we want to amplify their messages. We showcase excellent apps built on Cesium on our blog.

What we showcase

The showcases we publish reflect the diversity of the Cesium community: they are built by everyone from students to major corporations, created for projects ranging from public to proprietary to classified, and serve industries from aerospace to entertainment.

What’s in a showcase

A typical showcase includes a short phrase describing the application, a couple of paragraphs describing the app and how it uses Cesium, and a few screenshots. Our readers are interested in technical content but may not be familiar with the app or the market it serves, so the best showcases provide context to what they’ve developed. Ideally, a showcase includes a link to a live demo or a video, but it’s not required.

How to submit a showcase

To have your project considered for inclusion on our site, send me an email. I’ll send you our simple template, which includes guidelines for text and images. Once you submit a draft, we’ll review, edit, publish, and promote the showcase.

Showcasing on our demos page is good for us, and it’s good for you. It’s great for us to be able to show the diversity of use cases Cesium serves. And it gives you a chance to further spread the word about your work. We get a lot of traffic to our site, and our demos page is consistently one of our most popular pages. Showcasing is good exposure for both of us.

Thank you for helping this open source project succeed!