Integrating Cesium and webpack


Cesium + Webpack

webpack is a powerful, open-source build tool for bundling JavaScript applications that has become very popular among developers. It’s highly flexible, with a huge community of plugins and loaders, and it allows for a lot of customization.

To aid developers in integrating Cesium in a webpack application, we now have an officially supported repository containing the recommended configuration. It includes a minimum config for simply getting started, as well as a config targeting an optimized production build. We’ve set up a build job that will run monthly so we’ll know if any Cesium changes break either of those configurations. Contributions are welcome!

The next release of Cesium will contain some fixes to make running Cesium with webpack a lot smoother. Can’t wait? The official configuration repo points to a version of Cesium with those changes included.

Additionally, in order to provide more performant builds by removing developer warnings, we’ve published a webpack strip-pragma-loader as an npm module. This will be a dependency of the official Cesium and webpack configuration. Contributions are also welcomed there as well!

Last but not least, we’ve added a new Cesium and webpack Tutorial containing a walkthrough on how to set up a Hello World Cesium app from scratch and the reasoning behind the configuration. Give it a try and go build some awesome Cesium apps!

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