FOSS4G NA Program Announced


The program for FOSS4G NA 2016, coming up in May, is now available. All of the accepted talks look great. We’re especially looking forward to the ones that will be covering Cesium. As you put together your schedule for the conference, be sure to check out these sessions:

  • 3D Tiles: Beyond 2D Tiling, by Sean Lilley, Cesium, and Patrick Cozzi, Cesium.
  • Australia’s NationalMap: Open Data and Open Source Down Under, by Steve Bennett, Data61, and Kevin Ring, Data61.
  • Bringing OpenStreetMap to the Third Dimension with 3D Tiles and Cesium), by Matthew Amato, Cesium.
  • Create Your Own Server-Free, 3D Web Map Catalog Explorer, by Steve Bennett, Data61, and Kevin Ring, Data61.
  • Growing an Open-Source Community: Lessons Learned from Cesium, by Patrick Cozzi, Cesium.
  • “Hiroshima Archive” and Disaster Digital Archives Series, by Hidenori Watanave.
  • Mapping the Planet from Outer Space, by Ryan Boller, NASA.
  • Migrating from Google Earth to Cesium: How to Begin Your Closed-to-Open Source Success Story, by Hannah Pinkos, Cesium.
  • OpenSensorHub for SensorWebs and IoT, by Mike Botts and Alexandre Robin, Sensia Software.
  • Web-Based Management and Visualization of Massive 3D City Models Based on Open Standards and Open Source Components, by Claus Nagel, virtualcitySYSTEMS, and Lutz Ross, virtualcitySYSTEMS.
  • Visualizing GPS Tracks with RikiTraki, by Ricardo Morin.

We’re gratified by everyone in the Cesium community who submitted a proposal. The number and variety of proposals submitted demonstrates just how prominent Cesium has become as the go-to choice for building virtual globes. We hope to see all of you at FOSS4G NA, whether you’re speaking, attending, or just stopping by the exhibits hall. Be sure to register soon!

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