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View and Replay Live Sports Routes with HereYouGo

HereYouGo is a complete service that uses Cesium for live display and replay of sports trips. The Android app allows users to track all their sports activities, from running and climbing to cycling and skiing to paragliding, parachuting, and base jumping.

HereYouGo records users’ GPS routes in any location, even if data networks are unavailable. Users can then replay the trip in 3D on the website, or in 2D with the app. With Cesium’s 3D earth users can see mountains, valleys, and the height of their trip. The app also displays worldwide fly navigation zones and airports for aviators. HereYouGo offers statistics for each trip, such as speed, distance, elevation change, and calories burned. Since routes are recorded in real time, users can track their friends’ activities.

The app is seamless for users, who don’t need to upload of .GPX files or tackle other technical tasks.