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Red Bull X-Alps in Cesium

Cesium recently teamed up with Red Bull and Doarama for one of its wildest visualizations yet. The annual Red Bull X-Alps is an intense, multi-day hiking and paragliding race across the Alps. The race course covers about 1,000 km by straight line, though the athletes’ path takes them much farther than that.

Fans can follow the race online, seeing the athletes’ progress and monitoring their rankings. This year Red Bull used Cesium to show racer’s location in 3D.

This year Christian Maurer and Sebastian Huber came in first and second place, completing the race in 8 days. The race for third place was a tight competition between four athletes, who finished in 10 days, arriving within just minutes of each other. Red Bull showed the final day of their race in Cesium, with options to follow each of the athletes, evaluate their stats, and see their progress. Check out the replay.