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Tim Moore


3D Graphics

With a focus on Cesium for Omniverse, Tim works on Cesium’s native runtimes and advanced 3D technologies.  He has extensive experience in real-time simulation and visualization. After early projects for the Army Research Laboratory in VR and dynamic terrain modification and a contribution to Disney’s Cyberspace Mountain attraction, he was a major contributor to the open-source flight simulator FlightGear. He has worked as a consultant for many years with an expertise in scene graphs, particularly Open Scene Graph (OSG) and the more recent Vulkan Scene Graph (VSG). He is the author of vsgCs, a library that uses Cesium’s native runtime technologies to display 3D Tiles and terrain in a VSG application.

In a previous life Tim was a compiler engineer, working on and porting the gcc compiler and Common Lisp implementations.

Tim holds an SB from MIT in Ocean Engineering. Based in Bordeaux, France, he enjoys cooking, photography, woodworking, and running with the family dog.

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Tim MooreTim Moore with a dog