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Jake Adelgren

3D Graphics

Jake works to optimize Cesium’s 3D tiling pipelines, which tile users' data as 3D Tiles for streaming. He works to make these massive datasets, with high-resolution real-world 3D content and rich semantic metadata, accessible in real-time settings with high quality and performance. 

With little CS experience and armed with a hodgepodge of MATLAB skills he picked up in college, Jake cut his teeth on C/C++ and gained a strong appreciation for lower-level languages. He built his early career in audio processing, virtual/augmented/mixed reality, 3D scanning and virtual tours, and application development on Android and iOS. Over that time he's developed a penchant for optimization and loves creating programs that are small, fast, and efficient.

Jake graduated from Vassar College with bachelor's degrees in physics and German, and with a minor in math.

Outside work, Jake enjoys listening to music, playing drums, hiking and exploring, reading, and occasionally playing video games. He grew up in wintry western New York (lake-effect snow, anyone?) and loves playing in the snow and going snowboarding.

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