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Brian Langevin


3D Graphics

As part of the Native Runtimes team, Brian integrates Cesium into industry standard graphics engines such as Unreal and Unity, expanding community access to high precision geospatial data.

Brian has been at the intersection of computer graphics and commercial application for over two decades, from the video game industry to GIS, mobile phones, day trading, DoD simulation, and children's education. He believes that work should be fulfilling and have a positive impact on our broader community.

Studying computer science at the University of North Texas, Brian spent his senior level courses creating visualization apps and rendering engines. His favorite book is Real Time Rendering, which you'll find on his bookshelf today.

On the weekend, you'll find him at his home in Colorado, chiseling a perfect half-lap joint, pruning forest trees, or playing mandolin on his back porch.

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Brian Langevin wears a navy and light blue collared shirt. He is standing in front of trees. He has dark hair and is smiling.Brian Langevin surrounded by rocks and pines, overlooking Boulder, Colorado.