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Tiffany Xingyu Wang

Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Spectrum Labs; Co-Founder, Oasis Consortium

Tiffany Xingyu Wang is an award-winning marketer, founder, and investor who focuses on building an ethical web3.  She is currently the Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer of Spectrum Labs, a contextual AI platform created to build a safer internet. Spectrum Labs protects billions of users from harassment, toxicity, and abuse in online communities.

Identifying the urgent need for industry collaboration on safety initiatives as the social web evolves into the metaverse, Tiffany also co-founded Oasis Consortium, a non-profit organization that launched the first comprehensive User Safety Standards for web3.0. 

As a keynote speaker and expert at the intersection of AI and Trust & Safety, she has been featured and published in VentureBeat, TIME, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Protocol, Digiday, and more. She was recently named Most Entrepreneurial CMO by Forbes, and Most Innovative CMO by the CMO club. She also sits on the Digital Safety Coalition committee at the World Economic Forum, hosts the Brand Safety Exchange podcast, a destination for digital user safety thought leaders, and created the first-of-its-kind course on Trust and Safety partnering with Linkedin Learning. 

Tiffany is also an advisor and investor in blockchain and quantum computing companies. She is also a venture partner at Tribe, a Singapore government-backed blockchain accelerator. She holds two USPTO patents in machine learning applications on marketing.

Her previous roles span tech and global investing, including leadership of the AI product development of the Data Management Platform at and energy investments across Africa, Asia, and Europe. Her accolades in investing include the Thomson Reuters PFI Awards 2012 and 2014 and the Malaysian Greentech Award. She also advised Southeast Asian governments on investment policies. She leverages these global connections and perspectives to build inclusive and diverse teams and cultures at Oasis Consortium and Spectrum Labs.

Tiffany Xingyu Wang, guest on Season 2, Episode 9 of Building the Open Metaverse