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Glenn Entis

Advisor & Creative Consultant

Glenn Entis co-founded (with Carl Rosendahl & Richard Chuang) Pacific Data Images (later Dreamworks Animation), and received a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts for PDI’s software. After 12 years overseeing PDI’s growth as VP/Executive Producer/COO, Glenn left PDI in 1995 to become CEO of Dreamworks Interactive, where he oversaw a successful slate of titles, including the critically acclaimed and best-selling Medal of Honor series.  Electronic Arts acquired Dreamworks Interactive in 2000, and Glenn eventually became SVP/Chief Visual Officer/Chief Technical Officer for EA Worldwide Studios. He left EA in 2008 to co-found Vanedge Capital, a successful venture capital fund based in Vancouver, BC.  Glenn currently advises a variety of companies in animation, VR, and videogames.

Glenn Entis, Guest on Building the Open Metaverse