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Simulate Orbital Rocket Launches and Landings with Flight Club

Flight Club, built and maintained by Declan Murphy, is a tool for visualizing the trajectory of orbital rockets on their way to orbit from the launch pad. It also plots the trajectory of stages attempting to land softly after launches. The user controls the flight profile, which includes specifying launch pad, launch vehicle, ignition sequences, guidance maneuvers, separation events, and more. Flight Club calculates the trajectory based on the user’s custom input data and builds interactive plots for the more significant telemetry data. There are also some pre-built profiles available, based on recent real missions, which users can use to get started.

Users can also view the trajectory of a mission develop in real time alongside actual rocket launches from companies like SpaceX. This is where Cesium comes in: the trajectory is plotted in three dimensions with the Cesium engine. Multiple terrains are used to simultaneously identify fine details such as the launch pad or launch vehicle, as well as wider view features such as debris hazard areas. View a replay of a typical mission on Flight Club.