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OneSky Brings Flight Planning and Safety Analysis to the Commercial Drone Industry

OneSky provides a fusion of web-based visualization with back-end API analytics to bring enhanced flight-planning and safety analytics to commercial drone operators. OneSky’s UAS Traffic Management (UTM) platform provides UAV operators and planners an application to plan flights (both local and beyond visual line-of-sight) and monitor them in real-time. Built on top of AGI’s Analytical Services, the OneSky UTM solution provides REST interfaces for users to assess planned or real-time flight routes and consider aspects such as navigation errors, communication link margins, and FAA airspace incursions.

Cesium’s 3D visualization brings a level of situational awareness to OneSky users that would otherwise be lost if only relying on 2D mapping solutions. Seeing the operational picture with 3D airspace volumes and terrain impacts helps users understand the real-world considerations that must be made when introducing their aircraft into the national airspace.