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Building the Open Metaverse podcast hosted by Patrick Cozzi (Cesium) and Marc Petit (Epic Games).

Building the Open Metaverse


Wednesday, 10 August 2022

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A no-hype introduction to the concepts and building blocks for the open metaverse, covering the current state and potential future directions, including 3D-first computing, game engine ecosystems, the evolution of content creation, scaling users and worlds, and interoperability. The themes of openness and collaboration are woven throughout all topics.

Video recordings of the course are now available for those who registered for SIGGRAPH: Part I & Part II.

Morning Session

9am-12pm PDT

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Vancouver Convention Centre West Building, Room 211-214

Welcome & Introduction

9:00 am

The Metaverse: Then, Now, and Next

9:10 am

Where the idea came from 32 years ago, and where it’s going

The Quest for a Common “Language” to Power the Metaverse

10:00 am

As more and more immersive digital worlds will open their doors across the “physical” world, how do we bring people together providing a consistent experience to everyone regardless of where they are connecting from and what platform there are using? One of the first steps toward this goal is to find a common “language” on how these worlds are described and presented to their virtual explorers.

USD and the Metaverse

10:20 am

The origins and evolution of Universal Scene Description, how it is used to make animated films at Pixar, and why it is a foundational component for 3D in the metaverse.

Powering Creatorverse with Interchangeable RT3D Content

10:45 am

The Metaverse for the Next Era of Industries & AI

11:30 am

The metaverse is the next evolution of the internet—a 3D internet of connected, persistent, virtual worlds. Some of these worlds will be used for gaming, socializing, and meeting. Many others will be used as industrial applications—digital twins to test and optimize industrial and scientific workloads, or as virtual training grounds for teaching and testing robots and autonomous vehicles. Join this talk to understand how NVIDIA is contributing to building the foundations for the open metaverse, and the opportunity of the metaverse for applications beyond entertainment.

Afternoon Session

2:15pm-5pm PDT

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Vancouver Convention Centre West Building, Room 211-214

Scaling the Roblox Real-Time Distributed System for Global, Social 3D

2:15 pm

Scaling the Metaverse in the Cloud: Challenges of User Generated Content

3:05 pm

Blurring the Polyline: The Metaverse is Geospatial

3:35 pm

How is the metaverse geospatial? And why is that valuable to you? We'll go over how the geospatial and gaming communities are coming together to deliver 4D fully immersive environments bridging the real and virtual worlds based on open standards from OGC, mind-blowing real data, and 3D+ models of our world. And this is only the beginning of the exciting journey of building the open metaverse. 

Why the Metaverse Will Be Built with Interoperability Standards and How We Can Make the Standards We Need

4:05 pm

The metaverse is bringing together diverse technologies in novel ways—raising the stakes on the need for a constellation of interoperability standards at the right time. This session will examine:

  • How standards will complement open source and proprietary technologies as we build the metaverse to global scale
  • glTF: a case study in how standards ecosystems are created
  • Cooperation at the next level: how and why the new The Metaverse Standards Forum has brought together over 1,000 organizations to foster the development of metaverse standards

Wrap Up and Final Q&A

4:35 pm


Patrick Cozzi

CEO, Cesium

Patrick is the creator of Cesium and 3D Tiles, co-host of Building the Open Metaverse, and CEO of Cesium.

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Marc Petit, VP, Unreal Engine at Epic Games

Marc Petit

VP and General Manager, Unreal Engine at Epic Games

Marc oversees the growth of Unreal Engine across markets.

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