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Introducing Cesium Stories

Today we are launching an open preview of Cesium Stories, a new app that lets you build and share 3D geospatial presentations and stories on the web.

Cesium Stories empowers users to explore and share their data without writing a single line of code. It’s like PowerPoint for geospatial!

Cesium Stories gives you an easy to use interface to navigate to a place in the world, capture the view in 3D, and add text and images to tell your story. You can use our 3D world terrain basemap, your own 3D data, or fuse multiple datasets together to share richer and more complex stories. When you’re done, just share it with a link or embed it into your website.

We got a little meta and created a story about Cesium Stories, check it out.

Going beyond the industry’s KML-based storymaps, Cesium Stories lets you bring your own data with support for imagery, models, terrain, point clouds, and more. Thanks to 3D Tiles, content creators can quickly tile, stream, and share even the most massive models and combine them together into a single scene. You’ll also have access to curated data like Cesium World Terrain and Bing Maps, and a set of high-fidelity measurement tools for light-weight analysis.

Cesium Stories Editor

Cesium Stories goes beyond static 3D maps, with best-in-class support for visualizing time-dynamic data with pinpoint accuracy. You can also clip and animate in order to highlight the most relevant data and incorporate rich text and images.

With support for all major browsers and form factors, Cesium Stories can be shared across the web and on social media. Once shared, Stories adapt to mobile screens, desktop, and big screen presentations.

For developers already using Cesium ion, this can be a great way to quickly explore new 3D tilesets, analyze them with our measurement tools, and build scenes that fuse and geolocate multiple assets.

So whether you’re already part of our incredible community or learning about Cesium for the first time, we would love for you to play with Cesium Stories and share your feedback and what you’ve created with us.

Or check out the tutorial.