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Yuhan Liu



Yuhan Liu is a summer research intern working with Dr. Badler on developing temporal and spatial interfaces to visualize 3D historical reconstructions using Cesium for Unreal. Cesium is committed to pushing the boundaries of 3D geospatial to bridge our physical and digital worlds. Renowned researcher Dr. Badler, professor emeritus of the University of Pennsylvania, where he was the Rachleff Family Professor of Computer and Information Science, leads this research effort at Cesium. 

Together, Yuhan and Dr. Badler will explore a navigation interface for 3D historical reconstructions and workflows for turning 2D maps into 3D assets.

Yuhan is a student at Penn in the digital media design major within computer science, with the program’s focus in 3D computer graphics.

Yuhan previously held a technology design visualization internship at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. She has worked on research projects at Penn in the Architected Materials Lab and SIG Center for Computer Graphics, and at ETH Zurich in the Interactive Geometry Lab. 

When not at work or school, Yuhan enjoys hiking, horseback riding, and drawing.

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Yuhan Liu, 2024 Cesium research intern, in SwitzerlandYuhan Liu, 2024 Cesium research intern, in Zion National Park, Utah, USA