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Jeff Kiah

Business Development

Jeff works directly with existing and potential customers, enabling them to see the full potential of the Cesium ecosystem.

Jeff is a "polyglot" developer with experience shipping products on multiple web stacks, native desktop, 3D engines, and cloud infrastructure. He is most passionate about the creative aspect of building software, and in contributing to products that make a positive impact in people's lives.

Prior to joining the Cesium team, Jeff worked in a variety of roles at the intersection of aviation, higher education, and software development. He most recently worked at Unity Software on distributed rendering technology as part of the AI/Simulation team. Before that, he worked on voice over IP with geospatial and geofencing features for severe weather alerts and other events. He's also managed a software team building inward and outward facing business applications, and managing enterprise middleware and system integrations. 

Jeff started programming simple games on MS-DOS at age 11. Through high school he had an excellent computer science education, with courses covering QBasic, Pascal, C++, x86 assembly and data structures. He went on to study at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where he majored in aeronautical science, with a minor in computer science, and then earned an MBA.

Jeff is also an FAA commercial pilot and certified flight instructor. He owns a Mooney M20J plane, and he participates in a volunteer formation flying group called Mooney Caravan. He enjoys spending time with his family and their pets: two cats and a dog. 

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