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Jean Paoli


Jean Paoli is Founder and CEO of Docugami, Inc. Docugami uses AI to transform the unique document business processes of individual companies, making frontline users more efficient while giving COOs better compliance and insights.

Jean is the former President of Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., and one of the co-creators of the XML 1.0 standard with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). He’s driven by a deep belief that openness and interoperability raises all boats.

Jean is the recipient of multiple industry awards for his work on XML, semi-structured data, and the convergence of documents and data and openness at large.

In addition to core technical design, Jean cares deeply about building healthy ecosystems at worldwide scale. He is credited as one of the key leaders—under the guidance of the CEO—responsible for fundamentally shifting Microsoft’s strategy to embrace and love open source.

Throughout his career, Jean has worked in startups: before Microsoft, with Inria, the renowned French Research Labs (Gipsi S.A. and Grif S.A.); and within Microsoft creating four new startups: XML, InfoPath, opening the Office formats and MS OpenTech (Microsoft’s open source subsidiary). The startups he built created breakthrough platform technologies used today by millions.

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Jean Paoli, Adviser for Cesium.