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Cory Barr


3D Graphics

Cory contributes to Cesium for Omniverse, facilitating an open, interoperable metaverse built on open standards for simulation and digital twins in industrial applications. 

Cory has a diverse background in runtime 3D engines, digital twins, data viz, simulation, and data processing for GIS, BIM, and real-time sensor data. As a trained engineer and artist, he’s interested in creating tools that allow scientists, artists, architects, engineers, and others to more easily create visualizations and simulations of the real world.

Since earning a master’s degree in artificial intelligence from Stanford University, he’s worked with companies, cities, and museums to create interactive real-time-rendered applications, digital twins, and immersive environments. Some of his work can be seen in The Exploratorium science museum and San Francisco’s City Hall Plaza. In addition, he’s an adjunct professor with California College of the Arts, where he teaches programming to artists and designers.

Cory is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. When not working on Cesium for Omniverse, he’s usually making new-media art with light, sensors, code, real-time rendering, and woodworking.

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Cory Barr headshot. He wears a dark gray button-up shirt and stands in front of trees. He has dark hair, a mustache, and a goatee. He is smiling.Cory Barr stands in a darkened room, looking at colorful illuminated columns.