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Bryan Elliott



Bryan is a senior software developer supporting Smart Construction. The Smart Construction squad at Cesium develops and maintains the Smart Construction Dashboard and Simulation production applications in coordination with our partners at EARTHBRAIN and Komatsu. Together, these applications give those in earthworks—both remote and on site—access to high precision 3D visualizations of plans and of real-time data collected on site. 

Bryan started programming in second grade and has been programming continually since. His main area of expertise is in user interfaces, with a focus on the web. Among his previous experiences was time at Comcast, where he was responsible for the MyPayment portal. 

Bryan's interested in robotics and microcontrollers, blacksmithing, welding, carpentry, and tabletop gaming and design. He loves thinking about out-of-the-box problems, like "How long would it take to vacuum Florida?"

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Bryan ElliottBryan Elliott