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Smart Construction

Changing How Construction Sites Work

Cesium brings you the tools to see and manage your construction site in 3D - all in our platform that prioritizes performance and precision. Use our 3D tiling pipelines to process and fuse data from drone surveys, building models, sensor data, and terrain imagery. Then visualize it in near real time to track progress over time, take accurate measurements, and compare your actual worksite to your original plan.

With our powerful technology, you can improve the safety on your job sites, better allocate resources, and we hope, do more profitable work.

Komatsu logo

"Together, Komatsu and Cesium are bringing a new era of innovation to the construction industry."

Rod Schrader

Chairman & CEO, Komatsu America Corp.

The Technology Foundation of
Smart Construction

Komatsu is one of the world's largest manufacturers of construction and mining equipment, and the industry leader of smart construction. Through innovative equipment sensors and technology dashboards, they're bringing advanced data management to job sites and helping push the industry forward.

As their key strategic partner for 3D data visualization, we built Komatsu's Smart Construction app on Cesium. Using our powerful 3D tiling pipelines and visualization engine, the app makes it possible to monitor a construction site from anywhere in the world, watch how it changes over time, compare architectural plans with real-world data, and run precise and near real-time measurements.

Smart Construction user interface showing construction site simulation

Simulate project outcomes in your browser in 3D.

Gain insights to your site

Bring your own data and visualize it all in one place:

  • Drone surveys (point clouds, DTM/DSM, orthoimages).
  • As-built data from intelligent machines on the jobsite.
  • Design models, including 3D models (CAD, TIN) and linework layers.

We process the data into 3D Tiles in the cloud for optimized streaming—accomplishing in minutes what formerly took days.

Smart Construction app showing cut and fill

Measure and analyze your progress with absolute precision.

Stay on track

  • Take 3D cross sections of survey data to compare different surfaces, e.g., the current status to a target design.
  • Calculate cut and fill volume for survey data or design models with Smart Volume.
  • See the slope, elevation, or differences between target and reality with contour lines, color coded point clouds, and heat maps at a glance.
Smart Construction user interface showing construction site change over time on a timeline

Track all the moving pieces with high performance and accuracy.

Manage your site from anywhere

  • Monitor projects from anywhere in the world with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Navigate work sites in 3D and across time to see onsite history and progress.
  • Generate cross sections, progress charts, and reports in PDF or CSV.

Looking for more information?

Contact our sales team to request a demo and learn more about how the Cesium platform can help your industry.