new InfoBoxViewModel()

The view model for InfoBox.


cameraClicked :Event

Gets an Event that is fired when the user clicks the camera icon.

cameraIconPath :String

Gets the SVG path of the camera icon, which can change to be "crossed out" or not.

closeClicked :Event

Gets an Event that is fired when the user closes the info box.

description :String

Gets or sets the unprocessed description HTML for the info box.

enableCamera :Boolean

Gets or sets whether the camera tracking icon is enabled.

isCameraTracking :Boolean

Gets or sets the status of current camera tracking of the selected object.

maxHeight :Number

Gets or sets the maximum height of the info box in pixels. This property is observable.

showInfo :Boolean

Gets or sets the visibility of the info box.

titleText :String

Gets or sets the title text in the info box.



Gets the maximum height of sections within the info box, minus an offset, in CSS-ready form.
Name Type Description
offset Number The offset in pixels.