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VR Series for Geospatial Apps

In this tutorial series, we will cover solutions for several common challenges to building global-scale applications in VR using Cesium for Unreal. The features we build will follow VR best practices to give players a better and more comfortable experience. This series serves as a guide for recommended practices for VR application design and user ergonomics that you can use in your projects.

Each tutorial will describe the UX challenge, our design thinking, and the Blueprints code for each feature. You can follow along from a blank project, or download the project files here. For each feature you will find a corresponding folder and level where you can try it out yourself. To see all features working together, open the "Main" level located in the "Main" folder.

Tutorials in this series


These tutorials assume you have a basic understanding of Unreal Engine and Blueprints. We recommend reading the Getting Started series prior to this series.

How to use Blueprint UE

Blueprint UE is an interactive web based Unreal Engine Blueprint environment. It allows you to interact with elements instead of the common static image. We'll be using them in these tutorials to share Blueprints with you.

Activate - Click on the Blueprint UE once to activate it so that you can view it.
Pan - Click and drag with the right mouse button to pan across the Blueprint.
Zoom - Hold down Ctrl+Scroll to zoom with the mouse wheel while the mouse is over the Blueprint.
Reset - Resets the view to the origin of the Blueprint.
Graph - Reverts the Blueprint to its original node configuration if any have been rearranged.

Go ahead and try it out with the practice blueprint below.

Practice Blueprint

Content and code examples at are available under the Apache 2.0 license. You can use the code examples in your commercial or non-commercial applications.