Cesium Version 1.47 Released


We are happy to announce the release of Cesium 1.47. Highlights include:

  • Added support for polylines on terrain.
  • Added the ability to place or extrude corridors, ellipses, polygons, and rectangles relative to terrain
  • Improved visual quality for billboards on terrain
  • Added per-feature silhouette and black/white styling

For the full list of changes, see the change log.

Height Reference Extrusion and Polylines on Terrain Height Referenced Extrusions and Polylines on Terrain.




  • SIGGRAPH is August 12—16. We’re partnering with Toyota Research Institute to organize an Autonomous Driving BOF.
  • Mussab Mohamed Abuelhassan Abdalla and Nikolas Prechtel, who developed the Uch Enmek project, are speaking about the use of open web standards in a 3D visualization of archaeological data at FOSS4G Europe July 19 in Guimarães, Portugal.


We have three new showcases up on our demos page.

Planetary Surface GIS ExperimentPlanetary Surface GIS Experiment

MetSafe Swim 3DMetSafe Swim 3D

HTML Telemetry OverlayHTML Telemetry Overlay

CesiumJS 1.75

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