Software Developer

Omar Shehata

Omar works on open-source development and supports Cesium customers and the community.

Omar uses his background as a graphics programmer to contribute to various open-source Cesium projects and uses his passion for writing and teaching to support the Cesium community on the forum and to create learning materials.

Omar graduated from St. Olaf College with majors in Computer Science and Mathematics. He has published over a dozen flash games since 2009, co-founded Northfield CoderDojo to teach kids how to code, and developed teaching materials that have been adopted by various Dojo chapters in the US and in Europe. He also wrote the popular “Beginner’s Guide to Graphics Shaders,” which continues to be a popular reference and has been translated into Spanish, Italian, and Russian. See his personal website for more information.

Most people may not know that Omar did gymnastics for seven years and won 2nd place in a national competition!

Connect with Omar on Twitter.

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