Omar Shehata

3D graphics

Omar contributes to Cesium's open source development, the 3D Tiling Pipeline, and learning materials.

Omar supports Cesium’s mission to make sharing 3D geospatial data and insights as easy as sharing a link, whether that means developing features in open-source projects, writing tutorials and documentation, or supporting the community on the forum. He deeply believes in the value of an open, accessible web. Without it, he would have never been able to find an audience for his work making Flash games on Newgrounds as a kid growing up in Alexandria, Egypt, let alone reach millions of players and kickstart his career.

Omar graduated from St. Olaf College majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. He is very passionate about teaching and education, and has spoken at conferences around the world including the annual Computer Science Teachers Association conference and the global DojoCon in Ireland. He loves writing about how to make the technology we use accessible, especially for younger audiences. He wrote “A Beginner’s Guide to Graphics Shaders,” which continues to be a popular reference and has been translated into Spanish, Italian, and Russian. More of his writing can be found on his personal website.

Omar likes to relax by holding a violin and pretending to play it. He discovered it’s a very difficult instrument to learn, but it’s too late to return it now.

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