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Rafael Joins the Cesium Consortium

We’re pleased to announce that Rafael has joined the Cesium Consortium to support open-source CesiumJS development.


IMILITE Web Interpretation Application.

Rafael is a prominent leader in the field of command, control, communications, and computers (C4I) and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems, offering numerous systems for intelligence, security, cyber, and big data applications. One of Rafael’s main focuses is integrating geospatial data and producing situation awareness insights.

They’ve found that often geospatial data does not make visual sense because it is presented over maps that are not updated and therefore do not represent the real world. As new technologies make more live visual information available to everyone, Rafael believes the whole community can benefit from the transition from static map images into real-time image visualization.

Rafael considers CesiumJS an integral piece of that transition: they see CesiumJS as the ideal way to view geospatial data not only over static mapping infrastructures, but also on top of images and videos, either in real-time as they are captured, or on demand.

The Rafael team has been one of Cesium’s most devoted advocates, and they have already integrated CesiumJS into Rafael’s IMINT solutions product line.

3D model of Patrick Cozzi, CEO of Cesium

Written by Patrick Cozzi


Patrick is the creator of Cesium and 3D Tiles, and CEO of Cesium.

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