Autonomous Driving at SIGGRAPH 2018 - Call for Participation


autonomous vehicles and Cesium

We’re pleased to collaborate with Toyota Research Institute to co-organize the first Autonomous Driving Simulation and Visualization BOF at SIGGRAPH.

This session will be in the Vancouver Convention Centre on Tuesday August 14, 3pm—4:30pm.

We’ll learn and discuss how computer graphics and simulation techniques can make autonomous driving testing more efficient and safe.

We welcome those working in this space to provide a short presentation in this session. The initial speakers include:

  • Patrick Cozzi, Cesium
  • Vangelis Kokkevis, Toyota Research Institute
  • Hugh Reynolds, Uber
  • Yongjoon Lee, Zoox
  • Jose A. Iglesias-Guitian, CARLA
  • Jose De Oliveira, Unity

What are the challenges and opportunities you see? To sign up to present, send us a short note:

This session is open to all SIGGRAPH attendees. Join us!

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