Be at the forefront of 3D geospatial by allowing us to help you optimize the tiling of your data.

The 3D Tiles Pioneers program is designed to give cutting-edge Cesium users a head start with converting their 3D geospatial data into 3D Tiles. Get early access to our 3D tiling pipeline for formats such as:

  • Photogrammetry models from Bentley ContextCapture and AgiSoft PhotoScan
  • CAD/BIM models in COLLADA or OBJ
  • KML + COLLADA such as an Esri CityEngine export
  • Point clouds (LAS, LAZ)
  • Shapefiles
  • OpenStreetMap (OSM)
  • CityGML
  • OpenSceneGraph OSGB/OSGT

By investing in the Cesium 3D Tiles Pioneer Program, you will receive:

Optimized tiling of your data into 3D Tiles

An annual subscription to a premium account on Cesium Composer

An annual subscription to Composer's streaming world terrain dataset so tilesets can be clamped to terrain

Renew your subscription at an exclusive pioneers price for up to 2 additional years

Due to the early adoption nature of the Cesium 3D Tiles tiling pipeline, engineering services may be required to make the 3D Tiles tiling pipeline compatible with your data. Our team can review your sample data to determine if this additional investment is necessary.

The 3D Tiles Pioneers program has a limited number of members. Secure your membership today and be at the forefront of 3D geospatial!

Tim Rivenbark

To join the 3D Tiles Pioneers, contact Tim Rivenbark, Cesium's Business Development Director.