Cesium is an open-source JavaScript library for world-class 3D globes and maps. It's under the liberal Apache 2.0 license, so it's free for both non-commercial and commercial applications. It is downloaded more than 10,000 times every month and powers apps that reach millions of users.

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Cesium Consortium

Cesium is led by the Cesium Consortium, a partnership between Analytical Graphics, Inc. and Bentley Systems to accelerate and sustain open source.


Open Source Projects

To realize the full potential of 3D geospatial, we've also started and contributed to open-source projects in the 3D ecosystem in addition to Cesium.

AnalyticalGraphicsInc / webglreport

A web page that reports a browser's WebGL capabilities.

AnalyticalGraphicsInc / 3d-tiles-tools

Tools for debugging, analyzing, and validating 3D Tiles tilesets that we developed with the University of Pennsylvania.

AnalyticalGraphicsInc / czml-writer

A C# and Java library for writing CZML content.

glTF Ecosystem

We cultivate a number of projects in support of glTF:

KhonosGroup / COLLADA2GLTF

A tool to convert COLLADA files to glTF that we contributed to, originally started by Motorola Mobility.

AnalyticalGraphicsInc / obj2gltf

A tool to convert OBJ assets to glTF that we developed.

AnalyticalGraphicsInc / gltf-pipeline

Content pipeline tools for optimizing glTF assets that we developed with the University of Pennsylvania.

AnalyticalGraphicsInc / gltf-vscode

An extension for Visual Studio Code that adds features for previewing and editing glTF files that we developed that Microsoft contributes to.

AnalyticalGraphicsInc / gltf-utilities

A JavaScript utility library that provides a consistent API for loading glTF resources from a remote URL that we developed.

AnalyticalGraphicsInc / wetzel

A documentation tool to generate Markdown documentation from JSON Schema we developed that Microsoft contributes to.

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