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Cesium Version 1.10 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Cesium 1.10.

Highlights include:

  • Added view query parameter to the CesiumViewer app, which sets the initial camera position using longitude, latitude, height, heading, pitch and roll. For example: /cesiumjs/cesium-viewer/?view=-75.0,40.0,300.0,9.0,-13.0,3.0
  • Added Billboard.heightReference and Label.heightReference to clamp billboards and labels to terrain.
  • Added support for the CESIUM_binary_glTF extension for loading binary blobs of glTF to Model. See Faster 3D Models with Binary glTF.
  • Added support for the CESIUM_RTC glTF extension for high-precision rendering to Model.
  • Added PointPrimitive and PointPrimitiveCollection, which are faster and use less memory than billboards with circles.
  • Changed Entity.point to use the new PointPrimitive instead of billboards. This does not change the Entity.point API.
  • Added Scene.pickPosition to reconstruct the WGS84 position from window coordinates.
  • The default mouse controls now support panning and zooming on 3D models and other opaque geometry.
  • Added Camera.moveStart and Camera.moveEnd events.

For the full list of changes, see the change log.

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