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GSoC Developer Profile - Ayush Khandelwal

I’d like to once again welcome Ayush Khandelwal to the Cesium community for Google Summer of Code 2015!

Ayush will be implementing support for the Geography Markup Language (GML) [imple Features Profile (SFP) in Cesium. GML SFP is a common way of representing geospatial vector features like points, lines, and polygons, plus accompanying metadata. In addition to being useful in its own right for spatial data visualization, GML SFP is commonly used to encode features retrieved from an OGC standard Web Feature Service (WFS) and to represent the result of a GetFeatureInfo call to a Web Map Service (WMS).

Ayush is a third year undergraduate student at the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad, India, where he is majoring in Computer Science. He is in a 5 year Master’s program, working on his thesis at IIIT’s Lab for Spatial Informatics. Ayush’s work on compressing GML for efficient transmission has lead to a research paper which is currently pending publication.

In addition to his geospatial experience, Ayush brings enthusiasm for open source and hackathons. In 2013, Ayush’s team won the Google Cloud Developer Challenge with HealthMate, their web-based application for managing health clinics.

If you’d like to follow Ayush’s GML SFP progress (or get involved) - the work will happen in the “gml” branch of his fork of Cesium.

Ayush will aim to keep everyone updated on his progress once a week or so on the forum. Feedback and ideas are welcome, so please check back regularly.

Welcome Ayush!