3D Buildings in Cesium


This summer, we are rolling out 3D buildings in Cesium with data provided to the Cesium community by CyberCity 3D. This includes 130 km^2 of measurement-quality building geometry with rooftops. In addition, some buildings will be textured.

Click on individual buildings and zones to see related fields.

Turn on and off the building, zoning, and road layers.

Change the translucency of the zoning layer.

Buildings are streamed using CZML and glTF, and vector data is delivered as GeoJSON.

Select buildings in the following cities will be provided:

City km^2
Beverly Hills5.2
Las Vagas5.6
Long Beach5.1
Los Angeles (downtown)5.1
Los Angeles (LAX)5.5
San Diego5.4
San Francisco20
Washington, DC20

This data will be optimized for Cesium and hosted by AGI similar to how AGI hosts the STK World Terrain dataset. It will be free for use in commercial and non-commercial Cesium apps given a free development key and reasonable usage.

CyberCity 3D will also use Cesium’s streaming 3D buildings feature to introduce a commercial service for streaming complete city datasets into Cesium and downloading individual buildings for use in other applications.

In the coming months, we will expand 3D building streaming in Cesium to a tiled approach capable of cities with 100,000+ buildings. The format will be published and we will investigate additional sources of 3D buildings such as OpenStreetMap.

More demos and tech details to follow.

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