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Today we are pleased to provide free Community accounts to the new Cesium ion platform. With this account you can

  • Upload and organize your own imagery and terrain, tile these 3D assets in the cloud, and then stream them to your CesiumJS apps.
  • Combine your terrain with Cesium World Terrain.
  • Stream curated imagery such as Bing Maps, Sentinel 2, and Blue Marble.
  • Provide geocoding services to your CesiumJS apps.
  • Maintain privacy of your data and control access to individual assets via tokens.

See the tutorial for a walkthrough, and get started at

Cesium ion

These initial terrain and imagery tiling pipelines and curated assets represent the first steps in fully unlocking the potential of 3D content. We will continue to curate more 3D content and add tiling pipelines for 3D Tiles for photogrammetry, point clouds, BIM, CAD, 3D buildings, and vector data.

Community accounts are licensed for personal, exploratory, and unfunded educational use. For commercial, government, and funded research, commercial accounts with larger monthly limits are available. Commercial accounts start at $149 per month; see the pricing page.

Learn more about Cesium ion, get started at, and let us know your 3D use cases.

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