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ComSpOC™: A Space Situational Awareness Facility that Tracks Satellite from a Global Network of Commercial Sensors

The Commercial Space Operations Center (ComSpOC™) is a space situational awareness (SSA) facility developed by Analytical Graphics, Inc., (AGI) that tracks space objects to monitor threats and sustain safety in space. It tracks tens of thousands of satellites, including those both publicly listed and not.

Drawing on a global network of commercial sensors, including optical, radar, active RF, and passive RF, ComSpoC fuses these satellite-tracking measurements and offers extensive analytical and processing capabilities.

The visualizations of the ComSpOC are built on Cesium and the Systems Tool Kit (STK) Component Libraries. SpaceBook makes it possible for users to interact with the SSA data from ComSpOC. This interactive, web-based satellite viewer shows more than 15,000 space objects, updated in near real-time.