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Cesium Announces $1 Million Ecosystem Grants

We are thrilled to announce Cesium Ecosystem Grants, a $1,000,000 fund to promote innovation, interoperability, education, and collaboration in the 3D geospatial ecosystem through non-dilutive financial support for early stage startups, individuals, educators, and students.

Cesium Ecosystem Grants

Cesium’s Ecosystem Grants take inspiration from Epic Games’ MegaGrants, which helped kick start the development of Cesium for Unreal, a significant inflection point in our growth trajectory. The Ecosystem Grants is Cesium’s commitment to help lower the barrier for entry and raise the tide in the 3D geospatial ecosystem.

“Ever since the earliest days of open-source CesiumJS, the community has consistently inspired us by what they built with 3D geospatial and how they connect together an open and interoperable ecosystem. Well over a decade later, we believe 3D geospatial is only entering its prime for innovation and adoption across many markets. We hope Ecosystem Grants spark creativity, encourage risk taking, and help launch your game changing ideas. It’s an honor for Cesium to be able to give back in this capacity.” - Cesium CEO Patrick Cozzi.

Notable submission themes for Cesium Ecosystem Grants include, but are not limited to:

  • Open source contributions - to Cesium, projects built on or connected to Cesium, or projects in the 3D geospatial ecosystem;
  • Ecosystem expanding contributions - open standards, multi-project integrations, documentation, tutorials, open data, etc;
  • Academic curriculum development for educators;
  • Cesium for social good - climate change, impact reporting, etc.;

The Cesium Ecosystem Grant Awards are unrestricted grants of $5,000 - $50,000. All grant recipients retain ownership of their IP and work, and are free to publish and use it as they wish. Submissions are evaluated on a rolling basis based on their impact on the community, plan for execution, and other merit based factors, regardless of demographic, institution, or industry. We value ideas that help grow the ecosystem through Cesium’s core values of Collaboration, Innovation, Customer Focus, and Continuous Learning.

Beyond the Grant

Our relationship will last beyond the last payment. Grantees may be featured on the Cesium website and will receive a badge to use on their online presence. Opportunities for continued engagement with Cesium include access to the Cesium team, joint communications, and joint business development.

Visit Cesium Ecosystem Grants to apply now!

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