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Visualize Data over Time with Cesium Stories

Cesium was built to visualize data over time, whether that’s geological changes spanning hundreds of years or satellite orbits that need to be tracked down to a fraction of a second. As part of our official launch of Cesium Stories, we’re happy to announce improved support for time-dynamic data, so you can drag and drop animated KML or CZML to create interactive stories that visualize changing data.

This is a great way to review drone flights and telemetry data collected over time, since you can see the drone’s path in the surrounding environment—anywhere in the world.

With Cesium Stories you can review your drone flight data with the surrounding landscape and inspect telemetry data collected over time.

Or if you’re doing your analysis offline in tools like STK, you can export your work as CZML and share easily using a link.

Satellite coverage computed by STK (Systems Tool Kit) and exported to Cesium Stories as a CZML file.

Time-dynamic data doesn’t have to be objects that move over time. Our users also map house prices, disease outbreaks, and changing landscapes.

Cesium Stories also supports animated KML files. This one is showing annual ice surface melt in Greenland from 1979 to 2007. Data from theNational Snow and Ice Data Center.

Cesium Stories makes it easy to see and share your time dynamic data, giving you control over playback speed and how the camera moves. Give it a try with our new time-dynamic data tutorial. Or check out what else you can do with Stories.