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Cesium ion Enhances Aerospace Simulations in STK

Systems Tool Kit (STK) is the leading software for time dynamic analysis in the aerospace and defense industry. It’s used in everything from tracking satellites and space debris to simulating missions for national security. The latest STK 11.7 adds built-in support for streaming 3D Tiles from Cesium ion, which makes it much easier for analysts to access curated 3D datasets to enhance their simulations.

Streaming a 3D Tileset of Caracas, Venezuala from Cesium ion provides a more complete picture for this simulation running in STK. This helicopter is communicating with a ground station in the mountains. Data captured by Vricon.

Finding sources of accurate 3D content is often a big challenge when doing this type of critical work. A lot of time is wasted on transferring huge datasets or converting them into suitable formats for analysis, which may be infeasible for time-sensitive work like disaster relief.

This is why we strongly believe in the value of efficient open standards like 3D Tiles. It enables us to curate highly detailed 3D data from partners like Vricon on Cesium ion. So you can stream in just the area relevant to your analysis in seconds, even when the dataset is hundreds of gigabytes large.

STK can also export the results of your analysis as a CZML document which can be viewed on the web with CesiumJS. This way you can share a complete interactive visualization to peers and stakeholders since the heaviest data is already streamed from the cloud.

Learn how to stream 3D Tiles from Cesium ion in STK with our latest integration tutorial.