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Cesium Version 1.42 Released

We are happy to announce the release of Cesium 1.42. This release includes the new opt-in explicit rendering mode to reduce CPU usage. Read all about it in Gabby Getz’s blog post, Improving Performance with Explicit Rendering. Other highlights include:

  • Major refactor of URL handling. All classes that take a url parameter, can now take a Resource or a String. This includes all imagery providers, all terrain providers, Cesium3DTileset, KMLDataSource, CZMLDataSource, GeoJsonDataSource, Model, and Billboard.

For the full list of changes, see the change log.


  • We’ve started to do work with autonomous cars for simulation, analytics, mapping, and in-dash visualization.
  • Hannah Bollar is the newest Penn graphics student to join the Cesium team. She’ll be helping improve the Cesium Concierge, working on Cesium’s camera, and contributing to some particle system implementations.
  • Last month was the twenty year anniversary of Al Gore’s famous speech laying out the vision of a Digital Earth. Vanessa Moore’s blog post Revisiting the Digital Earth covers the progress we’ve made since then.
  • Reuben Reyes, who’s authored a number of apps of the Cesium demos page, spoke last month at the conferences of the American Meteorlogical Society about using Cesium to visualize weather and weather patterns in 3D.



We have three new showcases up on our demos page.