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Cesium for Unreal coming March 30

We are thrilled to announce that Cesium for Unreal will be available for download on our website and the Unreal Engine Marketplace on March 30, 2021. It will be free and open source under the Apache 2.0 License.

The Cesium for Unreal plugin is built to unlock the entire 3D geospatial ecosystem in Unreal Engine. By combining a high-accuracy full-scale WGS84 globe, open APIs and open standards for spatial indexing like 3D Tiles, and cloud-based real-world content with the power of Unreal Engine, we will enable a new era of geospatial applications and workflows.

While we considered a wide variety of licensing models, we believe strongly that our success is rooted in the success of the developer community. Cesium for Unreal will follow an open-core business model, with visualization being free and open source to all, with optional commercially available 3D content, content pipelines, and tools available in the cloud or on-premises through Cesium ion.

Pipeline diagram of Cesium ion to Cesium for Unreal and Unreal Engine

The plugin will include Cesium ion integration for instant access to global high-resolution 3D content ready for runtime streaming. Cesium ion users can also leverage cloud-based 3D tiling pipelines to create end-to-end workflows to transform massive heterogenous content into semantically-rich 3D Tiles, ready for streaming to Unreal Engine.

Cesium for Unreal will support both cloud and private network content and services based on open standards and APIs. We are also evaluating the possibility of enabling offline downloads for Cesium content including Cesium World Terrain and Cesium OSM Buildings that will work with game engine workflows and deployments.

2cm Photogrammetry of Denver, Colorado (provided by Aerometrex) visualized in Unreal Engine.

2cm Photogrammetry of Denver, Colorado (provided by Aerometrex) visualized in Unreal Engine.

As the Cesium for Unreal plugin expands the 3D geospatial ecosystem to include game engine visuals and tools, we will continue to maintain CesiumJS as the best-in-class open source WebGL engine for web-based geospatial applications.

We can’t wait to see what users create with real-world 3D geospatial data using Cesium for Unreal.

Stay tuned for more technical details and learning content about Cesium for Unreal prior to the March 30 release.