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Kevin Ring and Cesium OSM Buildings on Very Spatial Podcast

Kevin Ring is the latest Cesium team member to be featured on Very Spatial, an always fun podcast that explores geospatial technology.

Kevin shared some history on the early days of Cesium with hosts Jesse and Sue, as well as an update on his latest project, Cesium OSM Buildings, a global dataset of over 350 million 3D buildings derived entirely from OpenStreetMap building data.

From Kevin:

We’ve had global base layers for a while now, and these include the sort of obvious stuff like global satellite, aerial imagery, and street maps, as well as a 3D model of the earth’s surface. But what we’ve lacked until now is a compelling model of the built environment. Cesium OSM Buildings fills that gap, and it’s easy to integrate into Cesium applications. Pretty much wherever you are in the world, it gives you this option to just drop in a model of the built environment to add that context to your application.

Check out the podcast to hear more from Kevin, and learn more about Cesium OSM Buildings.