Cesium Release Roundup October 2019


This was a great month for CesiumJS! With a little extra push from our CesiumJS code sprint we were able to merge 62 pull requests and close 125 issues.

Golfing in a literal 3D model of Philly at the CesiumJS code sprint.

Cesium ion updates

You can now upload FBX models to Cesium ion, tile them into 3D Tiles, and combine with real world data. You can also upload OBJ, COLLADA, glTF, or FBX models to Cesium ion for conversion and hosting as glTF, so you can manage models side-by-side with your 3D Tiles, imagery, and terrain for use in CesiumJS and other clients.

Other highlights from this month include significant imagery tiling improvements, including support for mosaicking overlapping source rasters and sub-centimeter imagery.

The standard test glTF model, Polly, hosted on Cesium ion.

See a full list of the changes on Cesium ion in the change log.

CesiumJS 1.62 release

Some highlights from the CesiumJS 1.62 release are:

  • Added the ability to create partial ellipsoids using both the Entity API and CZML. You can try it out in the new Sandcastle example.
  • Loading of large KML documents will now be spread out over time to prevent the page from freezing.
  • Improved support for polygons, corridors, rectangles, and ellipses on terrain on mobile devices.

The new partial ellipsoid geometry type makes it easier to visualize things like sensor volumes, among other things.

For the full list of changes to CesiumJS, see the change log.

CesiumJS 1.75

Powered by Cesium

This month we’ve got our eye on Siradel’s 3D digital twins. Their platform supports better infrastructure network planning. Check out their simulation of the electromagnetic fields generated by mobile phone networks. Their Cesium-based visualization shows exposure levels on the ground, walls, and roofs of buildings for an entire city.

Siradel's Smart City Explorer Web PlatformSiradel’s 3D simulation tools lets you see electromagnetic field exposure levels on any surface in the city.

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