Jean Paoli, Docugami's CEO and Former President of Microsoft Open Technologies, Joins Cesium as an Adviser


I’m happy to announce that Jean Paoli has joined the Cesium advisory board. I met Jean through his leadership at Microsoft, where he led Microsoft’s strategic shift to embrace and love open source.

Jean played a key role in Microsoft’s adoption of glTF, the open-standard 3D format which I co-created with the Khronos Group. This adoption was the key inflection point in the growth of the glTF ecosystem. Since then, numerous community contributors and industry giants have adopted glTF, including players such as Adobe, Facebook, and Uber. glTF is also the fundamental component in the 3D Tiles OGC Community Standard, with which we are building the future of 3D geospatial.

Jean is also a co-creator of XML, a luminary in the document space, and is now Founder and CEO at his seventh business and startup, Docugami, Inc., where they are using AI to transform document business processes.

Jean has mentored me over the past year and a half; he has a rare combination of deep technical knowledge, business acumen, and an understanding of people—all packaged with a healthy dose of candor.

His belief in Cesium is inspiring and his advice will certainly help us navigate this next growth phase. Welcome Jean!

Jean Paoli

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