Bonnie Bogle, Mapbox Co-Founder, Joins Cesium as COO


I am thrilled to welcome Bonnie Bogle as Cesium’s Chief Operating Officer. She’ll be leading operations as our new company enters the next growth phase.

Bonnie has deep experience with startups and the geospatial industry and has lived through the fast growth that we’re anticipating at Cesium. She helped start Mapbox and ran operations for the company’s first seven years, growing it to 200+ people and over 60M+ in venture financing during that period. Before that, she built the operational foundation at Development Seed—she was involved from its first days and still serves on its board.

As I got to know Bonnie, I realized she would be the perfect fit for our team. Her values of trust, empathy, diversity, fearless ambition, and hard work define the culture we are building here at Cesium, and she excels at building these values into our systems, processes, and overall work.

I firmly believe that the path to Cesium’s success will be working with and helping to raise up the entire geospatial and 3D ecosystem, and this is another place where Bonnie’s vision aligns. She has years of experience building communities—having helped start GeoDC, a community with 2,000+ members and a 10 year history, and having organized countless events and conferences for the geospatial community (OpenStreetMap, FOSS4G, FedGeo Day), all with an eye to inclusion and openness.

I first met Bonnie through her leadership in Philadelphia supporting women entrepreneurs. I’m excited to see her bringing that passion to Cesium as we grow our team, and to work with Bonnie and the entire team at Cesium to build a vibrant company here in the city of Philadelphia.

Welcome Bonnie!

Bonnie Bogle

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