Delivering 3D Geospatial Data to Users at the Edge


Patrick Cozzi is one of the featured experts at the Open Geospatial Consortium’s (OGC) Mixed Reality to the Edge workshop happening later this month. This event will dig into the leading technology for delivering 3D geospatial content to first responders, utility workers, soldiers, and others working at the edge where connectivity may be limited, and will result in a set of recommendations from on the best current solutions for this use.

As part of the “What’s the Pipeline” panel, Patrick will talk about how 3D geospatial content is generated, curated, and delivered to the edge, and what this will look like in the future. Cesium already supports edge computing with visualization and analytics performed on mobile and other clients, and we’re constantly pushing to take our functionality further for these users.

CitisensCesium working at the edge with Citisens, a mobile app allowing today’s smartphone-equipped citizens to report wildfires.

The workshop will be held April 30 in Tampa, Florida, at SOFWERX, which supports U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). See the event page for more information, and if you’re attending find Patrick to talk in person about Cesium and the future of 3D geospatial data. See you there!

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