PacificVis Visual Data Storytelling Contest


The IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis 2018) is hosting a Visual Data Storytelling Contest. Professor Hidenori Watanave of Tokyo Metropolitan University is a chair of the contest. He was an early adopter of Cesium, having successfully migrated from Google Earth to Cesium, and has built a number of projects on Cesium, including the Pearl Harbor Archive, Hiroshima Archive, and the East Japan Earthquake Archive, all of which use maps, images, and local accounts to tell a historic story.

Dr. Watanave wants you to enter the contest, whether you’re using Cesium or not. Submissions are due January 19, 2018. PacificVis 2018 will be held April 10–13, 2018, in Kobe, Japan.

PacificVis covers a broad range of visualization areas, including information, scientific, graph, security, and software visualization, and visual storytelling techniques in any area and on any topic are welcome. Watch videos of the finalists from the 2017 contest to get an idea of what’s been successful in the past. Submission guidelines are on the PacificVis 2018 website.

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