SIGGRAPH 2013 Trip Report


Several Cesium contributors and users were at SIGGRAPH. Here’s the highlights.

Virtual Globes Using WebGL and Cesium BOF

SIGGRAPH provides rooms for informal meetings called Birds of a Feather or a BOF. This year we started a new Cesium BOF. About 30 folks attended, which is quite good considering it is new and pretty niche.

Checkout the slides.

Alex Wood from AGI demos using Cesium and D3 together.

Chris Cooper from NICTA presents Doarama.

Tom Fili from AGI demos Powder Tracks.

Rendering Massive Virtual Worlds Course

Kevin Ring and I taught in the Rendering Massive Virtual Worlds Course along with folks from AMD, Avalanche Studios, and id Software. Kevin presented some of the implementation details of Cesium’s terrain engine and I presented Cesium’s use of multiple frustums to combat z-fighting. Even though it was the last course on the last day, we estimate that 300-400 people attended.

Kevin Ring from AGI presents in the Rendering Massive Virtual Worlds course.

See the course website for slides, papers, and videos from the course.

AMD Booth

AMD kindly gave us a spot in their booth to demo Cesium/WebGL running on their hardware. We showed GPS satellites and aircraft routes in Cesium, and even a bit of Doarama once NICTA launched it.

It was a busy SIGGRAPH; we also presented at the Carto BOF, COLLADA/glTF BOF, and WebGL BOF.

Chris Cooper from NICTA presents Doarama at the WebGL BOF.

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