A Complete On-Premise Solution

The Geospatial Content Server (GCS) allows you to tile and host your 3D content on-premise and in private networks, and combine it with the included global 3D datasets.

GCS produces tilesets in open standards, including 3D Tiles, that are optimized for streaming massive datasets. Connect your data with other tools like Systems Tool Kit (STK) for mission planning and share the results of your analysis on the web with CesiumJS.

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GCS has a built-in identity management system with support for identity providers like LDAP and Active Directory so it can easily integrate with your existing systems. It also supports modern security protocols, including OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect and SAML 2.0.


GCS uses the same 3D Tiling engine that powers Cesium ion. It is built to handle massive datasets and scale to meet your enterprise needs, while maintaining the ability to run on commodity hardware.

Flexible Hosting Options

Run GCS behind a firewall on your organization's private cloud, or on a single machine to visualize local datasets in offline environments. Make select datasets publicly accessible with read-only permissions.


Compile heterogeneous 3D data

The Geospatial Content Server can tile and serve multiple terrain, imagery, 3D building and vector data formats.

Manage these data sources in your library and fuse them together in a single scene, combine them with accurate global 3D datasets, and keep track of metadata and changes.

Easy access to data

The web interface to GCS is accessible from all modern browsers, so you can share data within your organization.

The web viewer is built on CesiumJS and acts as a way to easily present your data and perform analysis in a visually compelling scene.

Integrate with AGI's analytics tools

Integrate with tools from AGI, including Systems Tool Kit (STK), for time-dynamic aerospace and defense analytics and 3D geospatial visualizations.

Use these tools to add radar analysis, vehicle propagation, coverage assessments, GPS navigation quality, and much more.

Available Datasets

The Geospatial Content Server comes with a choice of standard or premium terrain data in addition to 10 meter resolution global Sentinel-2 imagery and a library of 3D models.

Source data Coverage Resolution Standard Premium
USGS GTOPO30 Entire Earth 1,000 meters
CGIAR SRTM 60N -60S 90 meters
USGS National Elevation Dataset (NED) North America 30 meters
USGS SRTM 1 arc sec 60N -60S 30 meters
EU-DEM Europe 30 meters
USGS National Elevation Dataset (NED) Continental U.S. and Alaska 10 meters

Looking to integrate 3D tiling into your product?

GCS is built on the Cesium ion Engine which contains a command-line interface for 3D tiling and a JavaScript SDK for accurate measurements.

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