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Cesium Spatial Humanities Projects on Exhibition in New York

Hidenori project, CesiumJS

Professor Hidenori Watanabe, one of the earliest adopters of CesiumJS, will be sharing a number of his Cesium projects on a multi-screen display in a "Convergence of Peace Activities" exhibition at the University of Tokyo New York office, Aug 6–7.

At the exhibition he’ll be sharing the Hiroshima Archive and the Nagasaki Archive. These CesiumJS apps hold collections of prominent landmarks, historical images of the cities, and video interviews with survivors of the atomic bombing of each city, all geolocated on an interactive 3D map of the cities.

The Hiroshima Archive and Nagasaki Archive include extensive collections of survivor interviews.

Dr. Watanabe will also be showing his collection of Cesium Stories about the war in Ukraine, which he built in collaboration with Professor Taichi Furuhashi, of Aoyama Gakuin University.

Using Cesium Stories, an app for sharing geospatial presentations, they’ve gathered a wide range of data related to the war, including satellite imagery, 3D photogrammetry models, panoramic photos, and SAR data. They continue to update the Cesium Stories with new data as it becomes available. The collection currently has hundreds of datasets.

Cesium Stories Ukraine project created by Professors Hidenori Watanabe and Taichi Furuhashi.

Registration is free.

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